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Dr. D. Scott Rawson founded Crestview Health & Wellness Center to help those in Crestview, FL and the surrounding areas suffering from pain achieve improved mobility, decreased discomfort, and increased quality of life. Rather than solely relying on prescribing pills, Dr. Rawson believes in a natural treatment plan, through chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, and more.

Chiropractic Expertise to Help You Achieve a Pain-Free Life

Dr. Rawson provides only the latest problem focused techniques based on current research. He is one of only a few chiropractors in the Panhandle area who has completed the entire chiropractic biophysics certification course, which is a nationally recognized organization specializing in intensive spinal and postural corrective care.

Dr. D. Scott Rawson, CBP® Certified Chiropractic Physician

Dr. D. Scott Rawson, CBP® Certified Chiropractic Physician at Crestview Health and Wellness

Dr. Rawson was born and raised right here in the beautiful Florida Panhandle. His philosophy for both health care and chiropractic care is deeply rooted in the body’s ability to heal itself. Dr. Rawson believes in approaching one’s healthcare by looking at all facets of one’s life and working hand in hand with other medical professionals to reach patients’ health and wellness goals.

Dr. Rawson was introduced to chiropractic care at a very young age. As a child he was diagnosed with a mild scoliosis, which is a deformation of the curvature of the spine. It was through chiropractic care, including traction and focused exercises, that his scoliotic curve decreased significantly. It was because of this experience growing up that Dr. Rawson dedicates a large part of his practice to spinal and postural correction.  Dr. Rawson is also licensed and Board Certified in acupuncture.  He incorporates multiple acupuncture techniques in the practice, whether that means focusing solely on acupuncture, or supplementing acupuncture into a patient’s chiropractic or therapeutic care plan.

Upon completing his doctorate, Dr. Rawson started practicing in larger Florida metropolitan areas.  It did not take long for Dr. Rawson to decide he wanted to come back home to be near family and help on the farm.  With family in mind, Dr. Rawson decided to open a practice right here in beautiful Crestview, Florida.

Dr. Jaclyn, Chiropractic Physician & Office Manager

Dr. Jaclyn, Chiropractic Physician & Office Manager at Crestview Health and Wellness

Dr. Jaclyn moved to Florida in 2009 to attend Clearwater Christian College in the Tampa area.  While attending Clearwater Christian, Dr. Jaclyn earned degrees in Biology, as well as Religious Studies.  Dr. Jaclyn earned her Doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida.  Dr. Jaclyn had a distinguished career at Palmer, earning multiple academic scholarships, as well as the prestigious Clinical Excellence Award.


Dr. Jaclyn’s philosophy for healthcare is anchored in the understanding and belief of blending natural and holistic healthcare with modern medicine.  She approaches every patient as their own individual and examines many influential aspects of ones’ life to reach the best possible care  and treatment plan.  Dr. Jaclyn has completed over six-hundred post graduate hours and is Board eligible for both Internal Disorders and Functional Neurology.  She uses this extensive knowledge of the human body to offer custom and unique health and wellness care.  Dr. Jaclyn treats patients of all ages, including working with mothers and their newborns.  


Dr. Jaclyn’s parents and three siblings all live in the Orlando area, and although she now calls Crestview home, she still enjoys visiting her parents as often as time allows.  In addition to spending time with family, Dr. Jaclyn enjoys cooking new foods and spending time outdoors on nature walks, particularly on the farm picking fresh berries.



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